August 11, 2017 / by admin

About Us


Strategic Anarchy is a sales and marketing company, known for our revolutionary approach to selling and our hyper creative marketing. Through our online programs and live events, we have helped thousands of businesses change their approach and attitude towards sales, resulting in huge, measurable growth.

Strategic Anarchy was founded by Leela Cosgrove in 2009. With a writing and product-creation background, Leela became well-known for her ability to productise anything for her clients. When Gulliver Giles joined the company in 2010, bringing years of sales and sales training experience with him, Strategic Anarchy was on its way to becoming one of the most sought after marketing and sales coaching companies for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Both Leela and Gulliver were aware and concerned about businesses in Australia and their relationship with sales. Often viewed as “evil” and “manipulative”, sales had been receiving a bad rap for many years. In order to help business owners help themselves, Strategic Anarchy knew it had to change that view.

With Gulliver’s sales philosophy and Leela’s Identity Principle to work from, the company designed programs, products, and events to help business owners change their mindset around sales.

The Sales Pyramid, the Sword of Sales, and the Armor of God have helped hundreds of Strategic Anarchy’s students to start seeing sales as a positive thing—and helped them to double and treble their businesses as a result.

Strategic Anarchy is excited to be working with large businesses with existing sales teams, to help them motivate their team and teach them a new way to go about their job. As always, our continuing mission is to give sales the positive reputation it deserves.