June 15, 2016 / by admin

Our Team


Leela Cosgrove
Founder and CEO

“Success isn’t the result of a life with no challenges—it’s the result of how you face those challenges.” —Leela Cosgrove

Gulliver Giles
Director of Sales

“Sales is where love and self respect meet—love for your clients, and self respect to charge what you’re worth.”

Jenna Cosgrove
Director of Marketing

“For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination.” —Jean Dubuffet

Dane Blackburn
Sales Expert

“If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up.” — Hunter S Thompson.

Mitch Ziems
Associate Editor

“Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity.” — Christopher Hitchens

Andrea Joshua Asnicar
Digital Video Producer

“Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.” —Robert Altman

Luchie C.
Customer Service Manager

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”

Gail Cosgrove
HR Manager

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” —Swami Vivekananda

Tony Cosgrove
Logistics Manager

“If I wasn’t Bob Dylan, I’d probably think that Bob Dylan has a lot of answers myself.” —Bob Dylan