You’re already making sales in your business – otherwise, you wouldn’t have a business. You’d have an expensive hobby. Quite a few of those sales are most likely coming from referral, because you’re really, really good at what you do.

But you want to take it to the next level. You want more control over your sales and predictability in your cashflow....

Most importantly, you’re ready to create a sales-positive culture in your business because you know: without it, you’ll never reach the heights you’re looking for.

But it’s not that easy, is it?

Because the unfortunate reality is:


There are plenty of sales systems on the market. Some of them are really good. Others were created by people who are either straight-up liars and manipulators – or by people who were good sales people back when they used to sell, 20 years ago. 

That said – you get on the phone with any one of those systems, make 1,000 calls and you will make sales. They all work. 

Key part of that statement: get on the phone… 

And that’s where people fall down.

They make ten calls. They make one call. They make no calls. 

They get limited results. 

They blame the system. 

The system isn’t to blame. 

Your mindset is. 

Because any system that you’re given that isn’t tied into a deep philosophical belief is a system you’re not going to use. 

That’s why what we do is so different. 

You can find our scripts and our objection handling – all of our content – for free online. In fact, you might have learned our stuff from other people and think that you already know or understand it. 

But the reason our people get ridiculous results … the reason our top clients go from $100,000 to $1Million in 18 months … is because everything we teach is underpinned by a sales philosophy that changes on a fundamental level how you feel about getting on the phone. 

It’s also the reason people who bring their teams to work with us get such great results – because philosophy is everything. 

You will walk out of our event a sales zealot, full of fire and excitement – imbued with your holy mission to perform your Great Work and serve your market.


This is not your ordinary, theory based seminar.

We put 100 people in a room for three days. We spend two days walking you through the philosophy and the system … and then on the third day you get on the phone, live in the room, with our coaches helping you through your calls (for our VIP ticket holders only).

Sounds petrifying, huh?

It is.

It’s also an incredible experience.

During the event you'll learn:


Why 90% of High Ticket Coaches use our Sales System.


Gulliver’s comprehensive system that will fundamentally change the way you think about and approach sales.


The difference between talking about sales and actually selling.


Gulliver’s proprietary objection handling system. Where other coaches might give you a script, or a sentence, or an “objection handling bible”, Gulliver has developed a 6 step system that turns EVERY objection on it’s head … even the dreaded “I have to talk to my partner.”.


Get on the phone live in the room on day 3 in a real, live sales floor experience.


Gulliver has been described as “the best sales trainer on the planet”. His Sword of Sales system and famous Armor of God objection handling system have revolutionised the sales industry – in the best possible way.

Gulliver’s mission is to re-educate the world about sales and salespeople – his firm belief is that, despite its reputation, sales is NOT evil, and that real salespeople sell from a place of love, not manipulation.

Gulliver is the lead presenter of Strategic Anarchy’s 3-day sales event, and recently spoke on stage at Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion Summit, on the subject of (you guessed it!) sales.


We created this event after doing an in-house training for the sales team at Digital Marketer. We spent a day walking them through the script, then got them on the phone on day two – and they closed $75k in a little over 5 hours.

We wondered—could the success be replicated with a larger group?

The initial event was held on the Gold Coast in December, 2013. There were 40 people in attendance. On Day 1, they learned about Gulliver’s sales philosophy, his script, and the Armor of God, his famous objection-handling system. On Day 2 (which happened to be a Saturday), all 40 people got on the phone.

The attendees were from all different walks of life—some just starting out in business; some with well-established, 6 and 7-figure businesses; some sales people looking for more experience and a better understanding of their craft.

We genuinely had no idea how it would go—but with just one day of learning and 5 hours of dialing, the group made $152,142 in sales.

The event was always meant to be a one-off experiment. But the attendees begged us to do it again! There was just no one else in the industry offering the same level of learning and application in a live event.

During 2014 we held another 5 Sales Dominance events in Australia and the USA.

The all-time record was achieved in Arizona in 2016, where we cracked the million – $1,321,786 (USD) in sales made by 40 entrepreneurs in 6 hours of dialling.

Can Australia top this record? We want to find out!



On day one, you’ll learn the building blocks of sales – philosophy. This is the crucial element that most people miss – if you’ve ever felt afraid of sales, or like you hated it, it’s because you had the wrong mindset. Gulliver’s sales philosophy is what really changes the way you think about sales, and is completely different to anything else you’ve learnt.

It also sets us up perfectly for Day Two.


Now that you’ve got a good handle on sales philosophy, it’s time to learn those systems that Gulliver is so famous for – the same ones he’s taught to 7-and-8 figure businesses around the world. You’ll get a copy of our script to personalise, you’ll learn metrics and, of course – The Armor of God. This is Gulliver’s proprietary objection handling system that will help you to handle any objection thrown at you.

With both the philosophy and the systems in place, you’ll be eager to get to Day Three…


Today, if you’re a VIP ticket holder, you will be getting on the phone live in the room, to put what you’ve learnt into action! But don’t worry, everyone will be dialling at the same time – the energy and enthusiasm is always great and will help you to get the most out of your sales calls! 

You will also get personal help from Gulliver, and our sales team, who will coach you through your calls if you get stuck.





  • Two days jam-packed with cutting edge sales training

  • Dial day - get on the phone LIVE in the room on Day 3 in a real sales-floor experience, with help from our coaches

  • Front of house seating

  • VIP area with snacks and catered lunch each day

  • Sales bible workbook



  • Two days jam-packed with cutting edge sales training

  • General admission seating

  • Sales bible workbook


It’s not a free event. It’s not a cheap event. It’s going to cost you serious money, because we only want serious people in the room. And we know – those who pay, pay attention. 

What you’ll walk away with is a system that you’ll feel confident using to talk to people – along with Gulliver’s Armor of God objection handling system that allows you to easily handle any objection. 

The fact is – unless you improve your sales skills, you will NOT make more money in 2017 than you did in 2016. And you certainly won’t hit that goal that you’ve set yourself. 

To truly be able to have the impact you want to have. To get your message out. To be able to give your family the life you want them to have. 

All of these things require money. 

And sales = money. 

If you don’t do something right now – whether you need to fix your mindset around sales, or create a replicable system – you’re simply not going to achieve the business goals you set yourself. 

You have two choices: 

You can keep doing what you’re doing – shuffling along, taking small steps, hoping to get there by avoiding doing the big, hard, scary thing. 

And this time next year, you’ll find yourself in the exact same position – knowing you need to do something, wishing you’d started back in 2016, rather than leaving it for another year. 


You can bite the bullet. 

You can own that you need to do this and you need to do it now. 

Are you really willing to wait another year to make things happen? 

If your answer to that is a resounding “no”, we look forward to meeting you in person 

Gulliver Giles and Leela Cosgrove, Strategic Anarchy