August 8, 2017 / by admin

Sales Dominance

“What happens when you put a group of sales people in a room and force them to get on the phone to make sales calls?”

Strategic Anarchy’s first Sales Dominance event in 2013 was intended to be a one-off experiment. We were already well-known in the industry for our intensive Residential programs, in which 5 business owners would stay at Leela and Gulliver’s house for 9 days, making sales calls during the day and working on lead generation in the evening. The Residential program achieved massive results for everyone who attended—the highest being $592,000 in sales made during the 9-day period.

With several Residentials behind them, Leela and Gulliver wondered—could the success be replicated with a larger group? And thus, Sales Dominance was born!

The initial event was held on the Gold Coast in December, 2013. The idea? Fill the room with entrepreneurs and sales people, spend a day teaching them Gulliver’s sales content, then spend the next day making sales calls live in the room.

There were 40 people in attendance. On Day 1, they learned about Gulliver’s sales philosophy, his script, and the Armor of God, his famous objection-handling system. On Day 2 (which happened to be a Saturday), all 40 people got on the phone (Sales Dominance was never a spectator sport!).

The attendees were from all different walks of life—some just starting out in business; some with well-established, 6 and 7-figure businesses; some sales people looking for more experience and a better understanding of their craft.

We genuinely had no idea how it would go—but with just one day of learning and 5 hours of dialling, the group made $152,142 in sales.

The event was always meant to be a one-off experiment. But the attendees begged us to do it again! There was just no one else in the industry offering the same level of learning and application in a live event.

During 2014 we held another 5 Sales Dominance events in Australia and the USA. We now continue this tradition with regular events in Melbourne throughout the year.

The all-time record was achieved in August in Melbourne, where the room made an incredible $668,966 in sales, with $79,986 in cash, in 5 hours of dialling.

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